Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pakistan's Top 5 Writers

I am sharing top 5 Best Urdu writers. Please give me your opinions. And you can share your idea also.

1- Mushtaq Ahmad Yousfi

Urdu "Mazah nigar (Humor)". He is outstanding Urdu satirical and humor writer. He wrote some of top Urdu Comics books like "Khakam ba dahan" "Zar guzasht" "Aab-e-gum" and many other top books.

2- Naseem Hijazi
Best Urdu Novel writer. He wrote many novels on Islamic history like "Akhri Chitan" "Akhri marika" "Yousuf bin tashfeen" "Shaheen" and many other novels.

3- Mufti Taqi Usmani
A great Islamic scholar and Mufti. He introduced Islamic Finance and Islamic banking in the world. He wrote many books in Urdu, Arabic and English. He wrote on Islamic topics, Travelogue, Urdu Adab and many other topics. His Famous books are "Jahan-e-deeda" "Tarashe" "Dunya mere age" etc.

4- Molana yousuf Ludhyanvi
He was an Islamic scholar and wrote only on Islamic topics. But if you read his books you will feel that no one can good explain then him. He was a great Urdu writer. His some famous books are "Ikhtilaf-e-ummat or sirat-e-mustaqeem" Aap k masail or un ka hal" etc.

5- Qamar Ajnalvi
One of the best Urdu novel writer. His some top Novels are "Muqadas Moorti" "Cha-e-babul" "Dharti ka safar" "Lala rukh" etc.

Now tell about my ranking. Are you agree with this ? Comments please...


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